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Catachan Devil (Warhammer 40,000)

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Catachan is classified as a Death World, and is perhaps the most notorious of all the known Death Worlds in Imperial space. Every native creature is a carnivore and every form of plant life is highly toxic. Catachan is a planet so inimical to Human life that every day there plays out as a struggle for survival. With such a hideously high mortality rate, only the toughest members of the Catachan population survive into adulthood. Half of the Catachan population dies before they can walk and another half again perish before they have seen ten standard years pass. Catachan Knives are highly valued and sought after throughout the Imperium. Many counterfeit copies are sold by roaming Rogue Traders, but the only sure way to get an authentic Catachan Knife is to take it from a Catachan. This is no easy task, as the Catachans place a tremendous value on their knives. Third War for Armageddon Worldwide Campaign - Forces Disposition, Imperial Forces: Catachan Jungle Fighters (Archived)

Such is the infamous lethality of this creature that the Catachans have named both their most fearsome knives and deadliest, most elite soldiers after it. As shown in the image above, the Turtoisky MK VI Heavy Sword at first glance almost reminds you of a Scimitar. The weapon is said to be originally created for the Vostroyan Firstborn. The Turtolsky heavy sword became a popular choice for both the Navy Crews and the Rogue Traders too. Even these tough and uncompromising officers are unable to assert their authority over Catachan soldiers, who are notoriously disrespectful to any who have not shared the perils of their homeworld; in fact, Commissars are generally deeply resented by these troops, and it is not uncommon for Commissars assigned to Catachan regiments to be "fragged" by their own men. It is common for Ogryns, however, to fight in Catachan regiments. There are comparatively few Catachan regiments within the Calixis Sector's Spinward Front. However, for reasons that remain entangled within the bureaucracy of the Departmento Munitorum, a small number of regiments from Catachan found their way into the region, likely due to a planned deployment that never came to fruition, perhaps because the campaign had already concluded by the time the Catachans had arrived. The daring and gung-ho attitudes of the Catachans have put them at odds with elements of the Spinward Front’s command, and out of tacit mutual consent, Catachan regiments tend to be placed in isolated battlegroups deployed to brutal warzones, where their distrust of authority figures and their tendency towards independence are less of a hindrance.Drakebats are Ogryn-sized, winged, pseudo-reptiles that lurk amongst the upper canopy of the equatorial jungles of Catachan, descending from the treetops to ambush and devour unsuspecting prey. [21] Codex: Astra Militarum (6th Edition) (Digital Edition), "Regiments of Distinction - Catachan Jungle Fighters" Canak Floater - The Canak floater is a bizarre and deadly plant filled with lighter-than-air gases, and it drifts across the planet with the vagaries of the wind. It has sensitive feeler tentacles which detect warmth and moisture above the normal local levels. This is usually used by the plant to uncover streams, hot springs and other sources of water, but unfortunately is also sensitive enough to detect the temperature of and moisture changes caused by Humans. When it finds such a place, the floater explodes, scattering its seed pods over a wide area. These seed pods have a diamond-hard outer casing outfitted with razor sharp edges, and will scythe through anything within range. The Catachan Mantrap, is a plant which, while having a similar name to the Venus Mantrap, uses a much more aggressive hunting technique. It can move its leaves around, actively searching out prey and clamping its jaw-like leaves around its victims. [19] Shredder Mines - Explosive fragmentation charges mounted on an upright plate hurls the blast in a specific direction, creating an expanding cone of destruction filled with white-hot fragments of metal. Shredder Mines are Ideal for covering trails, streams and paths. Common mines of the Shredder type include: Triplex Phall Type XII "Repudiator" auto-mine, Armageddon "Hammerhead" area denial weapon, and the Necromunda Pattern "Widowmaker" anti-personal savager.

On Nordassa, Marbo was able to destroy a daemonic Banelord-class Titan. The details of how he managed to achieve this feat were later placed under seal, with even the report in his personnel file becoming classified. The planet's entire ecosystem seems consciously hostile to all foreign life. Each and every element of the native flora and fauna of the planet represents a real danger to any Human. Those of you who’ve been playing a lot of Kill Team will dig the first one like a Korpsman’s spade. Krieg As Catachan Devils grow, they develop more and more mid-sections and pairs of legs. A fully grown adult can have up to thirty sets of legs, reaching up to thirty metres in length, reaching the size of a small Land Train. Spring Mines - Spring Mines received this moniker because these devices spring into the air before detonating. Spring Mines are particularly effective against dispersed targets. However, a wary squad leader will advance with a trooper moving ahead on "point" to try to reduce the effectiveness of Spring Mines. Common mines of the Spring type include: Necromunda Pattern "Jumping-snap" anti-personnel leaper, the Gearian Type XIV vertical blast device, and the Martian Type CXI Fragmentation Mine.

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On Warhammer Community, coverage of Warhammer Fest will continue on Monday with even more Kill Team announcements. The rest of the week will focus on the exciting changes coming to specific factions in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, as we start our Faction Focus series.

Currently, the few Human settlements on Catachan which can defend against the jungle and its predators are giant fortresses surrounded by vast plains which have been laboriously cleared to provide improved lines-of-fire. Building on Catachan is difficult at best as vines and lichen take hold anywhere and acidic floral poisons melt the mortar and vines can crush bunkers and tanks. Between missions Marbo never shows any emotion other than a mix of sadness and brooding, appearing like a hulking machine running on low power, saving his energy for the fight to come. As a man who always works alone, Sly Marbo only uses what he can carry with him. Marbo travels relatively light as he is incredibly adept at using the entire battlefield as a lethal weapon. Marbo doesn't rely on the relics and gadgets of the Dark Age of Technology to get the job done, as he's eliminated targets without number with just his Ripper Pistol, Envenomed Blade and his bare hands. Catachan's only valuable resource is its people, who by virtue of being born on the harshest world in the Imperium are invariably tough and cunning. It is home to the renowned Catachan Jungle Fighters regiments of the Astra Militarum.This seeming contradiction can be explained by the simple matter of familiarity -- natives of Catachan are so accustomed to danger that their responses, while appearing foolhardy, are honed by practice and a perpetual, careful awareness of their surroundings. This is compounded by a contempt for the threat of death, born from that familiarity. To a Catachan, the threat of death is a constant thing, and they do not understand the concept of safety or peace. Grapnel - Grapnels use a small launcher or gas-gun to fire a hooked or magnetic grapnel, connected to the launcher with a coiled 100 metres' length of thin but strong line. Once the grapnel attaches to the desired spot such as a rooftop, a guardsman can manually climb the line or activate a powered winch. Common sets can hold 150 kilograms, while the best can support 200 kilograms.

Many new recruits mistakenly believe that the object of mines and traps is to kill or maim the enemy. This, of course, is only their secondary function, as their primary value is in disrupting and slowing an enemy's advance into certain areas. After several encounters with booby traps, most enemies are liable to become demoralised, overly cautious and spread out, leaving them vulnerable to a well-placed ambush. Catachan (pronounced Cat-a-CHAN) is the most infamous and deadly Imperial Death World in the galaxy. It is located in the Ultima Segmentum and is covered in dense jungle. A knife is not only a tool and the weapon of a Catachan warrior but also a mark of his status. The steel alloy used for these knives is only found on the jungle planet of Catachan. A well-honed Catachan blade will not rust and its edge will remain keen even after continuous use. Third Tyrannic War (997.M41-Present) - Catachan Jungle Fighter regiments were deployed across the galaxy during the Third Tyrannic War to stop the advance of Hive Fleet Leviathan.The initial deployment of the Jungle Fighters soon instigated an intense rivalry between them and the native Armageddon Ork Hunters, but as Feral Orks continued to flood from the mountains and dense jungle, the Ork Hunters soon realised that they needed all the help the Catachans could give them. Due to their lethal effectiveness, but also their disregard for command and independent operations, it has since been proposed that the Catachans fighting in the Equatorial Jungles be stationed at Cerbera indefinitely.

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