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Magic: The Gathering Adventures in The Forgotten Realms Commander Deck – Draconic Rage (Red-Green)

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Before Enrage was keyworded, there were a handful of other creatures that cared about taking damage. Here are a few of those creatures:

Your rage gives you the raw power and size of a giant. This doesn't necessarily mean you revere giants—you might scoff at them or even aspire to slay them! You could instead seem like a giant to other people due to your exceptional strength or larger-than-life emotions and ego. AnathemaFailing to face a personal challenge of strength is anathema. Titan Mauler (Instinct Ability)You can use a weapon built for a Large creature if you are Small or Medium (both normally and when raging). If you're not Small or Medium, you can use a weapon built for a creature one size larger than you. You gain access to this larger weapon, which can be of any weapon type otherwise available at character creation. It has the normal Price and Bulk for a weapon of its size. When wielding such a weapon in combat, increase your additional damage from Rage from 2 to 6, but you have the clumsy 1 condition because of the weapon's unwieldy size. You can't remove this clumsy condition or ignore its penalties by any means while wielding the weapon. Specialization Ability 7thIncrease the damage from Rage when using a larger weapon from 6 to 10; if you have greater weapon specialization, increase it from 10 to 18. Raging Resistance 9thYou resist bludgeoning damage and your choice of cold, electricity, or fire, chosen when you gain raging resistance. Spirit Instinct Source Core Rulebook pg. 87 4.0 Speaking of Enrage, we are going to need some ways to trigger that ability. There happen to be a few Dinosaurs that can do so: Let’s not forget the fact that Vrondiss makes some impressively sized token creatures—whopping 5/4 Dragon Spirits! Even though they deal damage only once before being sacrificed, that’s still significant battlefield presence and you can build in cards that care about token creatures—Doubling Season, Parallel Lives, and the often-forgotten Idol of Oblivion.Stitcher’s Supplier is a great card for self-mill, as its ability generally triggers twice each game. Also get other cheap cards like Cathartic Adept, Court of Cunning or Enter the God-Eternals that all help to generate value amidst recurring milling effects. Fan-favourite mill card Hedron Crab will also be extra useful here, as you can choose to mill either yourself or the opponent. Since you’ll be playing plenty of Lands, it’s a great cheap way to trigger off Sefris’ Venture into the Dungeon ability.

The other dice-related new card that is turning heads is Treasure Chest. Although you have to sacrifice it, the value you generate is immense. There’s a chance to gain 5 Treasures, draw 3 cards, or even search for any Artifact from your Library and put it into play. There’s still a 5% chance you’ll lose 3 life, but even so at least you’ll get a trigger off Vrondiss’ ability! The precon comes with nine cards that care about rolling dice. Here are the others. They can all be found in the main Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set:


Flagrantly disrespecting an animal of your chosen kind is anathema to your instinct, as is using weapons while raging. I should specify that these are the Dinosaurs in red/green that also have Enrage. I figured those would be the most important to look at, since Vrondiss also has that ability. On Xbox, players can use the Menu button to access the Quests Interface. From here they can select the Campaigns option. As a part of this philosophy, I am not putting any kind of budget restriction on these ideas. I don’t want to omit an interesting card due to it being outside of some players’ price ranges. Whenever possible, I will try to offer replacements for expensive cards that are a little easier on your wallet.

For newer players– Voltron commanders are commanders that have some kind of protection, or they reward you for equipping / enchanting them. Usually a Voltron commander is the single biggest creature on the battlefield. Aura of Courage Spoilers The Scaleblight Mythal caused a shift in the Sword Coast. The wildlife is restless, and reports of draconic activity are on the rise throughout the land. Roars can be heard from the mountaintops, causing the forests to shake with uncertainty. To prepare Neverwinter's brave adventurers, Lord Neverember has thrown wide the vaults of Protector's Enclave! Desirable rewards of all manner have been made available to those who would hone their craft ahead of the coming storm. All in all, I'm not too impressed with the reward you get for poking the dragon; it's comparable to Omnath, Locus of Rage, who makes a permanent 5/5 Elemental on landfall. Of course, it's much easier to trigger Omnath repeatedly than Vrondiss, not to mention you'll need to suit the dragon up with some sort of invulnerability-granting equipment to get the most out of him. Admittedly, Vrondiss has a built-in way to hit itself, but it's based on a parasitic mechanic unlikely to reappear on relevant cards in the future. Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients is a ground-bound Dragon that benefits from all sorts of sweet Dragon tribal support such as Dragon’s Hoard, Dragonspeaker Shaman, and Spit Flame.

Other commanders apart from Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients that you may like

This instinct option for barbarians allows you to channel elemental forces, bonding with a single element and its associated plane. Perhaps your ancestors were elemental conjurers or blessed by an elemental lord. Select an element from the Elemental Instincts table to be your instinct's element. If your element offers multiple damage types, choose one of those type when you select your element. Elemental Instincts Element PFS Note Given the slightly relaxed rules around edicts and anathema in Society play, a barbarian with the superstition instinct can benefit from spells and magic items if they are an unavoidable part of a Society adventure, such as if a scenario assumes the PCs are transported to their mission location via a teleport spell, or if an adventure requires that all PCs participate in a magical ritual. Animal Companions | Construct Companions | Eidolons | Familiar Abilities | Specific Familiars | Undead Companions

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