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LEGO Marvel Gargantos Showdown 76205 Monster Building Kit with Doctor Strange, Wong and America Chavez for Ages 8+ (264 Pieces)

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There has also been concerns about decreased part quality following the introduction of plant based plastic, especially with transparent pieces." The aforementioned scaly design becomes especially apparent when viewing this model from behind, where various slopes and wedge plates are employed to splendid effect. The resulting shape looks great and avoids interfering with the articulated tentacles because those ball joints remain relatively exposed.

The tiled surface below the lower eyelid structure requires that space because the tentacles fitted underneath protrude very slightly, so you could not close the gap completely. Gargantos Showdown represents an interesting addition to the Marvel theme and is therefore extremely enjoyable! The eponymous monster looks fantastic and offers incredible display value, taking advantage of those versatile tentacles. Gargantos' eye includes splendid detail as well, although the absence of additional functionality is perhaps disappointing. However, looking closely underneath the eye, you might notice narrow gaps between certain elements. They result from a questionable building technique as 1x2 plates with ball cups are connected to a 1x6 wheel arch element. The flange on the wheel arch conflicts with those ball cups, creating the described gaps. Huw has already discussed this issue in more detail. While the eye remains static, the surrounding tentacles offer tremendous articulation. Each of the longest tentacles features three joints, while the smaller appendages include two poseable joints. An exceptional range of positions for display are therefore possible, benefiting particularly from the ball joints which encircle Gargantos' round body. Just a question- what attaches to the female joint? If it’s the male equivalent then you could swap them over, and the fault would probably lie with the instructions. I am assuming though it’s a pin to attach the tentacles, but you know what happens when you assume…."

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What do you think -- Is this a problem that would worry you, or doesn't it matter? Should we continue to bring issues like this to your attention?" The issue is that the software cannot perfectly model reality. A lot of parts in LDD were modelled pretty imprecisely, resulting in a wide variety of illegal connections being possible and legal connections not being possible. Stud.io is better in that regard but its still not perfect. I must admit I have been contemplating whether publishing this article was the right thing to do. I suspect someone in LEGO's Christmas has been runied as a result of the problem, either through worry or having to work out what to do. Plus this isn’t complaining about a set being innaccurate to a movie, not including X character, or something that’s more up to preference. This highlights a possible problem with the building experience - which is the main draw to buy LEGO over other toys. As for whether or not we’re being too harsh... honestly, I’m in the camp that we’re not. I’ve said it before that LEGO is acting like a premium brand, so I expect premium quality. Especially with the prices they ask for most sets. However, there is a civil way to give a heads up that something seems off, and I believe articles like this are the way to go.

That said, there are very few knots that are impossible to untie once tied, provided you’re willing to work at it. Gordion knots are the only one that comes to mind. You did the right thing, Huw. It's possible, and very important, to call out these quality issues in an objective but kind and human manner. Like others I think this article does a much better job of that. LEGO does want to know about these quality issues. Maybe they cancelled 40489 because they caught whatever issue it was just in time. (I've heard rumors to something entirely different but I'm not going to quote them here.) Just because these issues come up post-production doesn't mean LEGO has fallen off as a company or they stopped caring altogether. It just means even the most stringent of processes isn't 100% foolproof. Because the grey pieces are splayed inwards slightly the stud of one of them does not align with the stud receptor on the bottom of the 1x6 plate.Interesting. I did wonder whether there might be an issue like that, or perhaps another studio holding the rights to Shuma-Gorath. After all, why use the name of a little-known tentacled villain if they could have included the more famous character?" It can be forced, but as you can see the parts are still at odd angles, and the pieces do not connect flushly.

Oh, and let's not forget that Der Held regularly presents unlicensed sets on his channel: an Italian sportscar that looks exactly like a Ferrari, a German sportscar that looks like a Porsche, a massive Star Wars set that doesn't mention Star Wars anywhere, etc etc... Chinese brands do this regularly, since no expensive license means cheaper prices, and it is very difficult for the companies who hold the design licenses to do anything about this." To me, the AT-AT was a non-issue. This, on the other hand, is a serious issue (no matter what were the reasons why: physical or digital build, ancient mould, or what have you). It may not be a serious issue in terms of life and death but it is a serious issue in terms of QC and the premium asked for by the Lego Group. This is not a set I'm interested in but I was interested in getting the Lambo Sian and refrained to do so because their colour matching is so off that I cannot bring myself to spend that sort of money on so poor quality product. I am glad this has been reported and I don't care much if it is done politely or not - this is a "free" service helping Lego catching something they should have seen themselves and in the end help them get better (assuming they eventually learn the lesson). At first glance the assembly below, part of the creature's lower eyelid, looks innocuous, but closer inspection reveals what could be a design flaw.


We have good youtubers covering off brands. So I decided to give several of them a try and see for myself. Some are crappy and some are honestly on par with Lego, at least quality-wise -> they offer similar products of LEGO quality but for a lower price. At the same time, Lego employs a very aggressive Frankfurt law firm to intimidate retailers of off-brands and exploits loopholes in German customs processing as well as the rather slowly moving legal system here. This led to a decrease of the popularity of the Lego COMPANY in recent years in Germany. When you consider that a lot of 2021 and 2022 sets were designed during the pandemic, and think about how this must have affected the design teams, I'm inclined to be quite forgiving of all these recent minor slip-ups, given Lego's generally excellent quality." Doctor Strange regularly encounters outlandish creatures, memorably including the threatening Shuma-Gorath! The appealing 76205 Gargantos Showdown instead provides another impressive monster, whose poseable tentacles appear very reminiscent of Shuma-Gorath. Had the collision been accidental, with the expectation that the parts would sit flush with one another, the designer probably would not have left such a large "buffer zone" between the reversed plates and the tiled surface beneath them. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if an earlier sketch model had used 2x2 jumper plates to fill that space, which were removed once the usual quality assurance tests made it clear that this would stress the parts beyond their natural tolerances. In this case, adding the Mixel joints to that fender might be acceptable, if the 1x6 plate was not added to the other end. I’ve seen instances where official sets bend geometry just a tiny bit, but it can’t do so in a way that creates undue stress. Without building this, I don’t know how much stress it creates, but visually it appears to be too much to pass muster. However, that doesn’t mean this is an illegal technique...yet.

This set comes in a “thumb punch” style rectangular box. The front image depicts the three included minifigures in battle against a multi-armed, one-eyed monster as they all progress up the side of a city skyscraper. This seems to be a running theme for this franchise, as 76060 Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum also pitted three of the film’s characters against a tentacled foe. Photos of the film’s cast are present on the right-hand side of the box, and this set includes three of the four featured characters. Scarlet Witch gets left out, but she was available in the latest Marvel Collectible Minifigure series if you want to complete the band. Whilst preparing our review of 76205 Gargantos Showdown, CapnRex101 encountered what appears to be a design flaw which prevents parts from being connected properly. I’ll be honest, this does seem like a fairly minor issue, but I do think it is a bit concerning. Something about the parts being placed like that just doesn’t look right. I could see this potentially causing confusion at best or damaged parts at worst by forcing pieces into these positions. We asked LEGO to comment and received a response from Super Heroes design lead Jesper Neilsen: "We're happy you made us aware of this and we're looking into it." The final Gargantos model supports itself on four tentacles connected to the underside, while eight more tentacles around the midsection lash out in all directions. These are on ball joints and have a decent range of motion. Additionally, there’s a grouping of four smaller tentacles coming from just underneath the eye that might be multiple tongues. It’s hard to tell.


An illegal technique is not one that causes undue stress to the parts, but one that is _recognized_ to cause undue stress to the parts. There are tons of high-stress techniques that have never been considered for an official set, and therefore remain off the list. I created one myself, about two decades ago. It’s probably not on the list, because it’s so stressful that you almost need to use furniture to force the connections." Don't assume such things as every German AFOL is a fan of Held der Steine or watches regularly videos from him! >:( It's a shame that the guy only does videos in German, maybe, if the non-German majority of the community would be able to understand him, Lego would perhaps actually do something about their QC issues." It's just about preferable that they know about it now so remedial action can be taken before widespread release, if it's deemed necessary, rather than first hearing about it via complaints to customer services in January.

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