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RUSTINS Metal Laquer, Clear, 125 ml (Pack of 1)

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a b c Dutton, William S. (1942), Du Pont: One Hundred and Forty Years, Charles Scribner's Sons, LCCN 42011897. Lightly tarnished surfaces should be cleaned with a good quality metal polish, which must then be removed with warm soapy water. It is perfect for preventing tarnishing on metals which are particularly susceptible to oxidisation during wear such as brass and copper as well as for protecting patinas which you have purposefully applied, such as liver of sulphur. A maki-e and mother-of-pearl inlay cabinet that was exported from Japan to Europe in the 16th century. Wang, Zhongshu. (1982). Han Civilization. Translated by K.C. Chang and Collaborators. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. p.80. ISBN 0-300-02723-0.

Niimura, Noriyasu; Miyakoshi, Tetsuo (2003) " Characterization of Natural Resin Films and Identification of Ancient Coating". J. Mass Spectrom. Soc. Jpn. 51, 440. doi: 10.5702/massspec.51.439. The English lacquer is from the archaic French word lacre "a kind of sealing wax", from Portuguese lacre, itself an unexplained variant of Medieval Latin lacca "resinous substance," from Arabic lakk ( لك), from Persian lāk ( لاک‎), from Hindi lākh ( लाख); Prakrit lakkha, 𑀮𑀓𑁆𑀔), [3] [4] [5] [6] itself from the Sanskrit word lākshā ( लाक्षा) for lac bug, representing the number one hundred thousand (100,000), used as wood finish in ancient India and neighbouring areas. [7] Laksha is a traditional form of lacquerware from Sri Lanka which is made from shellac derived from Lac. Sheen measurement [ edit ] The trees must be at least ten years old before cutting to bleed the resin. It sets by a process called "aqua-polymerization", absorbing oxygen to set; placing in a humid environment allows it to absorb more oxygen from the evaporation of the water. Painting with metal lacquer is not difficult. Start by preparing the metal surface. For metal, it is crucial whether you want to paint untreated metal or metal that has already been painted. In any case, the surface must be clean and free of grease to ensure good adhesion. Roughen the surface with sandpaper. For large metal surfaces, you can use a sander. Tape off all surfaces that are not to be painted and also protect the surrounding area with a suitable cover.The first practical nitrocellulose enamel Glossy White S.2567, still for interior use, was introduced in 1919 in the UK by Nobel Explosives. [26] In 1923, General Motors' Oakland brand automobile was the first to introduce one of the new fast-drying nitrocellulose lacquers, a bright blue, produced by DuPont under their Duco tradename. [24] :295–301 In 1924 the other GM makes followed suit, and by 1925 nitrocellulose lacquers were thoroughly disrupting the traditional paint business for automobiles, appliances, furniture, musical instruments, caskets, and other products. [24] :295–301 Henry Ford and, in the UK, Herbert Austin were introducing nitrocellulose lacquers at the same time, and soon the market flourished.

Lacquers using acrylic resin, a synthetic polymer, were developed in the 1950s. Acrylic resin is colourless, transparent thermoplastic, obtained by the polymerization of derivatives of acrylic acid. Acrylic is also used in enamel paints, which have the advantage of not needing to be buffed to obtain a shine. Enamels, however, are slow drying. The advantage of acrylic lacquer is its exceptionally fast drying time. The use of lacquers in automobile finishes was discontinued when tougher, more durable, weather- and chemical-resistant two-component polyurethane coatings were developed. The system usually consists of a primer, colour coat and clear topcoat, commonly known as clear coat finishes. There are a number of forms of urushiol. They vary by the length of the R chain, which depends on the species of plant producing the urushiol. Urushiol can also vary in the degree of saturation in the carbon chain. Urushiol can be drawn as follows: Ted J.J. Leyenaar. "Mexican lacquers from Guerrero /La laca Mexicana de Guerrero" (PDF). Netherlands: National Museum of Ethnology Museum Volkenkunde. Archived from the original (PDF) on December 13, 2014 . Retrieved June 10, 2015. Trade of lacquer objects travelled through various routes to the Middle East. Known applications of lacquer in China included coffins, music instruments, furniture, and various household items. [16] Lacquer mixed with powdered cinnabar is used to produce the traditional red lacquerware from China. Do not apply in damp weather conditions. Rustins Metal Lacquer is not suitable for use on some metals such as mild & stainless steel.Salespeople that act as an extension of your purchasing department (we will get any metal products you need) Unfortunately, We Cannot Guarantee Next Working Day - you will be notified if we can't fulfill this. Lacquer sheen is a measurement of the shine for a given lacquer. [8] Different manufacturers have their own names and standards for their sheen. [8] The most common names from least shiny to most shiny are: flat, matte, egg shell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss (high). The problem with using nitrocellulose in lacquers was its high viscosity, which necessitated dilution of the product with large amounts of thinner for application, leaving only a very thin film of finish not durable enough for outdoor use. This problem was overcome by decreasing the viscosity of the polymer (the term actually post-dates the empirical solution, with Staudinger's modern structural theory explaining polymer solution viscosity by length of molecular chains not yet experimentally proven in 1920s) with heat treatments, either with 2% of mineral acid or in an autoclave at considerable pressure. [25] The basic unprocessed lacquer is called raw lacquer (生漆: ki-urushi in Japanese, shengqi in Chinese). This is directly from the tree itself with some impurities filtered out. Raw lacquer has a water content of around 25% and appears in a light brown colour. This comes in a standard grade made from Chinese lacquer, which is generally used for ground layers by mixing with a powder, and a high quality grade made from Japanese lacquer called kijomi-urushi (生正味漆) which is used for the last finishing layers.

If the surface is not smooth, a nail brush should be used to ensure there is no polish left in the crevices. Metal lacquers provide a protective finish against dirt, debris, and other contaminants. The metals that respond best to metal lacquer finishes include: Many metals suffer from surface tarnishing and even corrosion, if left open to the atmosphere / air. Surfaces can be protected through the application of different finishes, such as paint or powder coating. However, sometimes the surface of metals can be attractive without the need for a coloured coating. This is when lacquer is most useful. Lacquer is usually applied as a clear coating, leaving the surface texture on view. Lacquer forms a protective clear layer on metals and is particularly useful on brass, aluminum, silver and copper, which are often in the form of decorative items. When lacquered, polishing and cleaning will no longer be required. a b c d Webb, Marianne (2000). Lacquer: Technology and conservation. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. p.3. ISBN 978-0-7506-4412-9. lac – Origin and meaning of lac by Online Etymology Dictionary". Etymonline.com . Retrieved 27 October 2017.Midas finish seal lacquer is a water-based acrylic lacquer which forms a clear, hard, abrasion-resistant, protective finish to your jewellery and metal pieces. Webb, Marianne (2000), Lacquer: Technology and Conservation, Butterworth Heinemann, ISBN 0-7506-4412-5 – A Comprehensive Guide to the Technology and Conservation of Asian and European Lacquer Water-based lacquer used for wood finishing is also not rated for exterior wear, unless otherwise specified. Materials to be lacquered, must have a clean surface, with all dirt / grease removed. Lacquer should be applied in a dust free environment, with workers wearing appropriate protective clothing and breathing mask. Usually, the spray can version of lacquer is the easiest to apply, as the product can be sprayed lightly, allowing plenty of time between coats.

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