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Robo Alive Saharan Red Lurking Lizard Battery-Powered Robotic Toy by ZURU (Red)

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This fantastic kit has everything necessary to build your loveable reptilian, giving you the satisfaction of building your very own AI robot. This kit is a great project for adults and children alike, allowing you to create, build and play. Also, roboticists can apply concepts discovered in the researchers’ work. For example, using the findings from Goldman’s lab, roboticists have created snake-, lizard-, and amphibian-inspired robots that could one day be used in search and rescue operations. Dr. Clemente said that while the team had studied moving lizards for a long time, the robot allowed them to isolate and control the movements repeatedly to learn which way worked best. The biomimetic robot created by Chen and his colleagues is comprised of a flexible spine-like structure and four legs. To replicate the "creeping" motion typical of lizards, every leg features two hinges and a gear that elicits a swinging movement. The advantage of geometric mechanics is that we don't have to explore every possibility of locomotion to determine which one is the best,” Chong said.

With the robophysical models, we can develop principles that can also inform the next generation of robots that might have to crawl around in rubble or move around in extraterrestrial environments like the surface of moons or planets,” Goldman said. Each of the hip joints connecting the spine structure with the robot's legs is made of two servos and a four-linkage mechanism that allows the robot to lift without losing its balance. The robot's "feet" have four flexible "toes," consisting of two hinges and a claw.The best configuration for the climbing robot happened to be exactly what the lizards were doing, so the lizards themselves had already found the optimal gait for climbing," Ms Schultz said. You might be wondering why the researchers didn’t test their male robot lizards on real female lizards rather than male ones. Well, in these species the females don’t engage much in active choice of males. Instead, mating is determined more through male-male competition. One set of animals where it is not clear how the differences between similar species arose is the lava lizard. Lava lizards live throughout the Galapagos archipelago and there are nine species in total. The different species are separated from each other geographically and have both different colouration and different push-up and head-bob behaviour that they use for communication.

Lead author and USC Ph.D. candidate Johanna Schultz said that after four years of studying lizard movement, and multiple generations of robot designs (X-4 is just the most recent), the team concluded that lizards had practically perfected the way they moved for speed, stability and efficiency. This Super Lizard Robot kit is one of the best robotic toys we’ve ever seen, combining clever design, quality materials, artificial intelligence and the cutest lizard in the world. These results would seem to imply that there had been selection on lizards to not mate with other, similar species. However, the researchers also carried out a phylogenetic analysis which showed that the lizards had evolved these traits in isolation from one another and without much effect of sexual selection. So what’s going on? It seems that the lizards have evolved the ability to pay attention to the different behavioural signals of each other (and discriminate against the ‘wrong’ species) without having evolved in the same geographic area as them. Exactly how this happens is still not clearand perhaps just shows more than anything that evolution is complicated! Researchers at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics have recently developed a new four-legged robot inspired by lizards that could aid the exploration of the red planet's surface. Their robot, introduced in MDPI's Biomimetics journal, has a flexible body structure that can replicate a desert lizard's movements and locomotion style. The researchers found that, when more body weight was distributed on the belly rather than the limbs, snakelike body movement had the clear advantage in getting lizards where they need to be — even for those lizards with the strongest legs.In the future, the researchers aim to build another color changing icon in the animal kingdom with a squirming chassis to match: an octopus. They’ll borrow the design of the artificial chameleon skin to achieve camouflage in their cephalopod. But “it's movement is much more complex than a chameleon,” says Ko, which is where the main engineering challenge lies. The team then built a robot model to investigate the advantages of lizardlike and snakelike body movements in the intermediate lizard species. Known as a robophysical model, the robot functions as a physicist’s model of a living system. With the robot, they can test the predictions of their theoretical model while also gaining insights into the intermediate lizard’s biology and locomotion. To construct the robot’s coat of many colors, the researchers made a “skin” using a thin glaze of liquid crystal ink that can take on any color, depending on the alignment of its molecules. When these particles assemble into larger helical structures, they can reflect a specific color of light. The size of the structures dictates the color displayed. A larger repeating arrangement gives reddish tints. Tighter arrangements appear blue.

Scientists have often observed animals using an "announcement" call before beginning their true message. There are often introductory notes in territorial calls in bird species; frog mating calls begin with a low frequency ribbit, and coyotes often bark before they begin their characteristic howling. However, it is the case that the message is not ALWAYS preceded by the announcement. So when do animals use the announcement, and when do they just launch into their speech? It should be noted that it can be very dangerous for animals to use the announcement - whether visual or auditory - because it could also signal predators that lunch is ready. Like a visual dinner bell. (There's a species of bat that is really really sensitive to the mating call of a species of frog. Bad news for the male frogs when they're ready to get it on.) They also found that the robot could climb the furthest when it combined limb movements with a side-to-side spine motion. But the spine could only flex around 50 degrees before the limbs had to move as well to increase stability. Although it could also move by solely rotating its spine, the most efficient movement came from large amounts of limb movement and small spine movements. The robot had 100 per cent success at staying on the wall when its forelimbs were rotated outwards 20 degrees and its hind limbs 100 degrees. It also held fast to the wall when its limbs were rotated inwards at the same angles. Baxi Chong, a Ph.D. student in Goldman’s lab and first author of the paper, became interested in the short-limbed, elongated lizard species Brachymeles at a presentation by Philip Bergmann, associate professor of evolutionary biology at Clark University, in which Bergmann discussed the evolution of the species. Chong, a theoretician, had a tool in mind that he believed could help explain how the rare lizard moved, so he reached out to Bergmann to collaborate. Bergmann sent footage of the lizards in the wild to Goldman’s lab for analysis. Using geometric mechanics, Chong produced diagrams that visualized the body-limb coordination data, replacing complicated calculations with much simpler diagrammatic analysis. They were able to both see and show the advantage of snakelike waves in short-limbed elongate lizard locomotion and predict that the advantage arises as the primary thrust generation shifts from the limbs to the body.Sometimes the robot lizards did the headbob thing without the push-ups. Sometimes they used push-ups before the headbob thing. Sometimes they did the dewlap thing before the headbob thing. Importantly, this particular species of lizard never uses the dewlap thing as an announcement (though other species do). The researchers included this condition to test the hypothesis that ANY high-speed movement at the beginning of a display could function as an announcement.

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