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SONGWAY Wall Mounted Cat Shelf - Wood Cat Wall Bed with 2 Cat Steps, Wall Mounted Cat Scratcher, Modern Cat Wall Furniture, Cat Hammock, Cat Shelves and Perches for Climbing, Sleeping and Lounging

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This shelf is made of a combination of solid wood and bent ply. Such material makes modern cat shelves sturdy and long-lasting. It is one of the best modern cat wall shelves that is made of premium-quality material. It is pet-friendly in every way. The carpet is skin-friendly as well. Both of these shelves are topped with scratching mats. Your cat will love filing its claws on these mats, thus helping to keep your furniture scratch-free. They also give the shelves more grip so you won’t need to worry about your cat accidentally slipping off if they climb with speed. The Aveen’s set for lounging will make cats happy and entertained. It will keep your fur friends occupied and active on a daily basis. Below the elegant macrame pattern is the shelf itself. This acts as a perfect perch for your cat to laze on as they watch the world go by. They will love that it is elevated as cats are instinctively drawn to high ground. Plus, it is a space that is theirs and theirs alone, perfect for them to escape to if they feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Another great perk is that these shelves are made of beautiful solid rubberwood. Firstly, this will look stylish in any home and the neutral tones blend seamlessly with most interiors. The choice of material also means the shelves are designed to last. They are safe and durable, specifically made to withstand hours of play. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, one of the main benefits of cat wall shelves is that they are great space savers. The FUKUMARU Corner Cat Shelf Furniture takes this perk to the next level. It neatly fits into any corner in your home so you can continue to hang artwork or other items from the center of the walls. For this reason, it is great for really small homes as you can make the most of every nook. Unless the directions say otherwise, you should always mount your cat shelves into studs to ensure they can support the weight of your cat. You can find the studs in your wall using a stud finder. Here’s our recommended stud finder. Save Space: Cat wall shelves are highly functional when it comes to saving space. The modern home is a busy home, and with so much going on many people are looking to save floor space at every opportunity. Cat shelves are a smart solution as they can be placed on any empty wall in your home. This makes them great in small apartments, but also a handy solution for even bigger homes that you want to keep looking clutter-free. Further adding to the simple and elegant design is the choice of color. The shelves are in a beautiful deep espresso brown which works well in most homes. Each is then topped with a cream removable carpet mat. Not only does this add comfort and warmth, but gives your cat somewhere to sink its claws into as well.There are different prints and colors of the K&H modern cat shelves that you can choose from – fleece, Leopard print, Kitty print, and Zebra print. Each one of them is incredibly cute and attractive. Choose according to your preferences and style. Appearance: Of course, the main benefit of cat wall shelves is their decorative appearance. Rather than a bulky piece of cat furniture that can ruin your interior, cat wall shelves add so much. You can get ones made from rustic wood or others with a macrame-style hanging. They then come in a range of funky shapes and sizes. Whatever your home interior and personal style, you can find cat wall shelves to complement and add even more pizazz. Cat shelves are completely safe as long as they are installed and placed correctly. The cat shelves are places for your cat to both play and sleep. Since your cat might be jumping and running on the shelves, you should install them in safe areas. Place them away from areas where your cat could be in danger of getting injured or breaking something. Keep the shelves away from televisions, breakable items, stoves, frail furniture or beds. How do I install cat shelves? Don’t forget about the depth of the shelves either! Cat shelves differ from regular shelves in their depth. Standard shelves for keeping books or decorative items on can be as small as 6 inches deep. However, all good cat wall shelves will be at least 10.5 inches deep. This gives your cat enough space to use them without risking falling off.

These cat shelves aren’t made for scratching or sleeping on, unlike some other products I have mentioned. However, they aid your cat in climbing up your walls and reaching surfaces that were previously too high for them to climb to. This helps to meet your cat’s instinctive love for finding high ground. The mounting of the Bayka modern cat wall shelves depends on you. You can install these modern cat shelves wherever and however you wish – vertically or horizontally. Use your imagination and give your living room or bedroom a new look. Only you can choose the style that’s right for your home. Some cat shelves are very plain, while others are intricate and fancy. Ultimately, it will depend on what you want for the overall look. You will need to assemble this luxury cat furniture shelf next to a 2-inch wall. The width of the legs is 3/4″. The installation requires no tools. This unit is very easy to install. Just follow the included instructions that were provided by the manufacturer. I love that the pieces that make up this kit can be placed anywhere along your wall. Space them out to challenge agile cats or have them leading to a window for the ultimate lookout spot. Alongside having a place to jump and play, the hexagonal shelves and drop shelf also make great resting spots. The enclosed space makes your kitty feel happy and safe.For example, if you have a more physically active cat, you might want the wall hangings to create more of an entertainment-based atmosphere. If your cat loves taking naps, you might simply want a wall hanging that your cat can climb inside of and take a snooze. This piece of wall-mounted cat furniture is slightly different from others on this list. Rather than consisting of several pieces that can be placed in any arrangement, this multi-level shelf is fixed in position. Each of the three levels is linked by a white material. This creates a wonderfully cohesive look that flows effortlessly up your wall. When we think of cat furniture, we think of plush-covered cat trees and big bulky scratching posts. Your cat might love them, but they aren’t the most aesthetic and can totally ruin your home décor. Thankfully, a new trend is emerging that promises the perfect compromise of functionality and appearance: cat wall shelves. The benefit of these cat trees over traditional cat trees is that the furniture can be placed much higher on your wall. You can also adjust the height and vertical distance of each piece to suit your cat’s level of agility. Moreover, free-standing cat trees often wobble and can topple over. With wall-mounted designs, you don’t need to worry about this. Every home setup will vary. Some people have more open wall space than others. If you have limited space, you will want to pay close attention to the measurements. How many shelves come with the product? How close together can you put them?

Cat wall shelves are just as they sound. These are just like regular shelves that you can mount to any empty wall in your home. However, these shelves are specifically intended for cats to climb. This means many are much stronger than most regular shelves and have additional features such as sisal scratching pads or cushions. A: Ideally, you will want to install cat shelves on a stud wall. You should also keep the shelves away from televisions, fragile items, or expensive items in your home. You don’t want your cat jumping off the shelf and damaging what lies beneath! Q: How far apart should cat shelves be? As the name suggests, this cat shelf has stunning woven macrame support from which the shelf hangs. For those of you unfamiliar with macrame, this is a crafting technique where a rope is knotted to form intricate woven patterns. This shelf is made from a high-quality 100% natural cotton that is completely safe for cats and designed to last. It’s your cat’s natural instinct to want to climb and be elevated. In the wild cats climb to avoid predators. Even though there aren’t predators in your home, cats still have the natural instinct to climb. Having elevated space for them gives them a place that’s away from dogs, kids or just extra space for some alone time. One huge perk of this product is that it can support up to 60lbs in weight. While no domestic cat will ever weigh this much, it does mean these shelves are extremely secure. Big breeds and overweight cats can use them without any worry! They’re designed to last and your kitty can have a lifetime of fun climbing and sleeping on these cat wall shelves.What makes these cat wall shelves stand out is the unique curved shape which the brand calls “embrace”. It makes these shelves safer for your kitty to climb as the raised edge helps to prevent them from falling off. The sisal covering further helps prevent energetic cats that are jumping at full speed from slipping off and hurting themselves. This modern cat shelve is made of quality material. This cat bed is made of acrylic and the shelf is built out of natural wood. There are two sizes that you can choose from – large or X-large. The X-large model will hold up to 28 pounds which means that more than one kitten can fit the unit. Such a unit looks attractive and cool next to an artistic cat tree.

This is another set for cats that love to climb and scratch a lot. The set includes four units – a cat bridge, a scratching post, a simple one-level cat perch, and a two-level perch that includes another scratching column. All of the pieces must be wall-mounted. What’s great about this product is the trio of shelves can be arranged in any layout. You can tailor them to the space you have available and the agility of your cat. PetFusion also sells both the 18” by 8” and the 8” by 8” shelves singularly. This means you can easily build up and create a more elaborate vertical playground for your cat if you wish. As you can see, there are so many different cat wall shelves available. They are truly taking the market by storm! People love them for their undeniable elegant aesthetic appeal that boosts home interiors rather than detracting from them. They also provide cats with an elevated surface, one of their instinctive wants and needs. Plus, they’re a great solution for smaller homes. The dimensions of this cool and modern shelf for cats are 15 x 3 x 24.5 inches (LxWxH). In our opinion, this unit is one of the coolest on the market. We like it because it is made of soft and cozy orthopedic foam. The faux cover is easy to wash. Cats will want to climb as high as they can. To keep your cats safe make sure you arrange the cat shelves in a way that’s easy for your cat to navigate. In general we recommend the vertical spacing between shelves to be about 12-18” and the horizontal spacing to be about 12-16”. But keep in mind your cat’s ability when installing your shelves. How can I install cat shelves without drilling holes into my walls?

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The shelf includes a carpet. It will make your cat will warm and comfortable. The carpet can easily be removed when and if necessary. For example when you need to clean it and remove cat hair or if your cat prefers to lounge on a shelf with no carpet.

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