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Drayton Wiser Smart Thermostat Heating Control Heating Only - Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT

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If you have a gravity-fed system, Wiser will only be compatible if it is fully pumped, by that we mean upgraded with motorised valves and a cylinder thermostat. Away Mode overrides your existing schedules with a lower set temperature of your choosing, ensuring your home doesn’t get too cold while you’re away. You can turn off appliances in Away Mode, too. You can also set up geofencing using IFTTT so your system will automatically switch to Away Mode when you’re out of the house. Also known as sealed or system boiler systems, a conventional boiler system with an unvented hot water cylinder uses a hot water cylinder that’s separate to the boiler but does not require a cold water tank usually typical of vented gravity-fed systems. CHARACTERISTICS OF CONVENTIONAL BOILERS (with unvented cylinder and one heating zone) A combination or ‘combi’ boiler system combines a water heater and central heating boiler into one compact unit. These space-saving systems are increasingly popular amongst homeowners upgrading their older central heating systems and, according to the Energy Saving Trust, may be more efficient for smaller households with a low hot water demand – when hot water is heated and stored in a separate tank, heat can be lost when it’s not used. CHARACTERISTICS OF COMBI BOILERS (one heating zone)

The Drayton Wiser system lets you set a schedule for each thermostat, indicating a desired temperature for each room in your home at different times of the day. For example, you can set the bathroom to warm up first thing in the morning and last thing at night, if you don’t use it during the day. As already mentioned, you can override a set schedule at any time by manually twisting the top of the radiator thermostat (turning the heating on in that room for 30 minutes) or from the app, where you can choose for the heating to remain on for between 30 minutes and three hours. GRAVITY-FED SYSTEMS (conventional systems with vented hot water cylinder and non-pumped central heating) You can tap on a room and edit the schedule or access the room settings, where you can view the battery level for the thermostat, rename it and turn Open Window Detection on or off. Editing a schedule was made super-easy as a result of the ‘copy’ feature, which lets you duplicate a schedule with just one tap, rather than having to input it all for each day and on each device.Combi boilers only allow for one hot tap, bath or shower to be running at a time, by running more than one it will significantly reduce the pressure to each, which can be a problem for larger households with high demand for hot water. Central heating is not available independently of the hot water – water will always be heated when the heating is on whether it’s used or not. We did notice a slight delay of around 10 seconds to one minute between boosting the heating from both the radiator thermostat or the app and the boiler springing into action. The further away from the Heat Hub the thermostat is, the longer the delay. Initially, we also struggled to get the radiator thermostat in the room furthest from the Heat Hub to remain connected to the system at all times. It would often drop the signal, meaning we were unable to control it via the app. However, after installing an optional Wiser Smart Plug – which also doubles as a range extender for the system – in a room between the Heat Hub and the troublesome radiator thermostat, connection issues were no longer a problem. On the 2-channel programmer where you set your schedules, try setting the hot water side to off and the central heating side to on. If only the central heating side comes on and only your radiators get hot, you have independent control and thereby, a fully pumped system.

Wiser smart thermostats are compatible with most boiler makes and models, but it’s important to consider which boiler system type you have when selecting your Wiser kit. Here we’ll guide you through the most common boiler system types to help you find the ideal Wiser products to suit your home. Also try our online Product Selector to find the right kit in just a few short steps. The Insights tab includes information on how much energy you’ve saved with Eco mode enabled, while also presenting a ‘Heat Report’ that details how long and to what temperature over the past day, week, and month your rooms have been heated. Wiser allows you to build up your heating system as you go. Add smart plugs and radiator thermostats as required. By creating more independent heating zones, you can optimise your comfort and save energy. Requires a three-channel Wiser kit ( Wiser Thermostat Kit 3) – note that you won’t require the third channel, because the hot water control in a combi system is not separate. A two-channel kit is not suitable for a combi system with two heating zones as the second channel in the two-channel kits is only suitable for hot water control in a conventional boiler system (with a separate hot water tank). Older systems upgraded with pumps provide better thermostatic control of the central heating and the ability to control it independently of the hot water.A system that was originally fully gravity-fed that has been upgraded/retrofitted with motorised valves, such that the central heating is now fully pumped - a recommended upgrade if full replacement of an older gravity-fed system is not possible. Drayton Wiser may be functional, but its plain all-white plastic design certainly isn’t stylish. If you prefer gadgets that make a design statement, this isn’t the smart thermostat for you. Hot water is available on demand independently of the central heating, without having to wait for a water cylinder to heat up.

However, it does have an Away Mode. Rather than switching the heating off completely while you’re out, this feature allows you to set a minimum temperature at which you want your home to remain at while away. If the temperature plunges below this threshold, the heating will spring to life – handy, if you're concerned about frozen pipes when you’re not at home.The Wiser Hub is the brain of your heating system and allows you to create up to 16 individual heating zones in your home. You can add one thermostat and up to 4 radiator thermostats to each zone. May be more economical to run for smaller households than other boiler system types according to the Energy Saving Trust. HubR: User: Push Button/LED; I/O: Mains Relays (1-3), Digital Boiler Interface; Room thermostat: User: TFT display, touch buttons; I/O: None; Radiator thermostat: User: Twist Cap, LED; I/O: None Requires a three-channel Wiser kit containing two smart thermostats ( Wiser Thermostat Kit 3), to control the central heating via two of the channels and the hot water via the third. Four 22mm or 28mm copper pipes connected to the boiler (sometimes three pipes if an injector T is fitted, but a fourth 22mm or 28mm copper pipe will still be nearby).

On the 2-channel programmer where you set your schedules, try setting the hot water side to off and the central heating side to on. If doing this automatically turns on the hot water side as well, this would indicate a gravity system. ADVANTAGES OF GRAVITY-FED SYSTEMS (non-pumped) A cold water feed or expansion tank is situated higher than the hot water cylinder, usually in the loft or attic. Powered by two AA batteries, the smart thermostat can be freestanding on a table or shelf, or mounted on a wall. It has three touch controls on the front. The plus and minus button allow you to adjust the desired temperature of the room, while the middle button boosts the heating in said room by two degrees. The screen automatically goes to sleep after 15 seconds to conserve the battery, but pressing any of the three touch controls will wake it up. Installation and servicing is usually cheaper than other system types due to less equipment and plumbing - required. This is set up in the same way as regular conventional systems, but in this case the system has two heating zones being controlled by the boiler, with separate programming for each usually with two thermostats. This may be the case in larger or extended homes. CHARACTERISTICS OF CONVENTIONAL BOILERS (with unvented cylinder and two heating zones)

The Heat Hub is a rectangular box with two buttons. One button activates the set-up process, while the other starts the whole system heating. LEDs above the buttons glow green when these options are active. The Heat Hub should be screwed to the wall next to your boiler. The square smart thermostat has a two-inch screen that shows the current temperature of the room it’s in, as well as the desired temperature. It also displays the relative humidity and battery level, and features a flame icon to indicate if the heating is switched on. If, however, but turning on the central heating side, the hot water also turns on, this would indicate a gravity system. ADVANTAGES OF CONVENTIONAL BOILERS (with vented hot water and fully pumped)

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